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Process of Using the Showroom Log (Dealer)

The showroom log allows dealers to capture information about walk-in customers and customers contacting the retailer through phone, email, or the Web. It allows the dealer to record the customer's profile information, identify the purpose of the customer's visit or call (sales, service, or parts), and identify the customer's vehicle preferences, so customers can be assigned to the appropriate sales, service, or parts personnel.

This scenario illustrates one typical use of the showroom log. In dealerships, prospective customers may talk to the receptionist when they arrive at the store, or they may talk to the sales manager or to another dealer employee.

NOTE:  This scenario uses the receptionist as the example of the dealer employee who assigns customers to sales consultants as they become available, but in other business models, different employees might do this.

The receptionist can use the showroom log to enter information about customers and their vehicle preferences. This information is automatically used to create an Contact record and an associated Opportunity record for the customer.

Then, when a sales consultant is available, the receptionist uses the showroom log to assign the customer to this representative.

After the customer has been assigned, the sales consultant can find the information about this customer in the My Contacts screen, and can use this screen to work with the customer using all the information that the representative has captured in the showroom log.

To work with customers, dealers can perform the following steps:

  1. Entering Information About a New Customer in the Showroom Log (Dealer)
  2. Working with a New Customer (Dealer)
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