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Viewing Others Who Have Accessed a Contact (Dealer)

Dealers must allow sales consultants to talk with the contacts of other sales consultants, in case the primary sales consultant for the contact is on leave or out of the store for some other reason. However, the primary sales consultant for a contact can view an audit trail of all other sales consultants who have accessed their contacts, to make sure that they do not lose those contacts to the other sales consultants.

When dealers click the search icon to search for a contact, they have the option of searching for my contacts or for all contacts. If sales consultants search for all contacts and click on a name in the search results to view information about a contact whose sales team the sales consultant is not on, Siebel Dealer allows the primary sales consultant for the contact to see in the audit trail that these other sales consultants have viewed information about the contact.

Primary sales consultants can view everyone not on the sales team who has done a search and displayed information about their contacts.

To view others who have displayed information about your contacts

  • Navigate to the Others Accessing My Customer screen.

    The Others Accessing My Customer list appears. Each record includes the name of one of your customers, the name of another sales consultant who has accessed that customer, and the access date.

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