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Closing Out Opportunities (Dealer)

When sales consultants finish working on opportunities, they mark the opportunities to be closed when they give each opportunity a sales stage that has been associated with the status of won or lost. The OEM creates sales stages, as described in Siebel eAutomotive Guide.

After opportunities have a stage associated with the status of won or lost, they appear in the Opportunities to Close screen, so managers can review them and close them out. The manager should close out activities that are sales-related.

After opportunities are closed out, they are still displayed in the Opportunities screen, but the follow-up activities for these opportunities no longer appear as activities for the sales consultants.

To mark opportunities to be closed

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen.
  2. Click the name of the contact for this opportunity.

    The Opportunity form appears below the contact.

  3. In the Opportunity form, in the Sales Stage field, select the sales stage associated with the status of won or lost.

    The name of this sales stage depends on the sales stages that the OEM defined. For example, the system administrator at the OEM may have created a sales stage called Closed Won and associated it with the status of Won in the Sales Methods view of the Application Administration screen.

  4. Below the Opportunity form, click the Reason to Close view tab.
  5. In the Reason to Close form:
    1. Select the reason the opportunity was closed.
    2. Select the make and model of the car the customer bought.
    3. If you lost the opportunity to another dealer, enter the name of the dealer.

To review and close out opportunities

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities To Close screen.

    The Opportunities To Close list includes all opportunities with a stage associated with the status of won or lost.

  2. Review the Opportunities list to decide which opportunities should be closed out.
  3. To close out an opportunity:
    1. Select a record in the Opportunity to Close list, and complete the necessary fields in the Reason to Close form.
    2. Click Opportunity Close Out.

      The application cancels out all open activities associated with this opportunity that have the category of sales activity.

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