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Changing the Cache Setting for Siebel Collaboration

The CFG files contain configuration settings for caching the team space status on Siebel Server.

You can improve display performance for your Siebel application by setting up caching for the team space icons. Without caching, each time the list applet containing the Team Space field is rendered, the Siebel application has to query the SharePoint Portal Server to determine the status of each team space. Caching the team space status makes subsequent pages display faster.

To set up caching for Siebel Collaboration

  1. Open the CFG file for the application and, if the file does not already contain a [Collaboration Teamspace Existence Cache] section, add this one:

    ;; This section is for collaboration teamspace existence cache parameters
    [Collaboration Teamspace Existence Cache]
    MaxItems = 1000
    ItemTimeout = 300

    ;; Object specific unique cache identifier
    Opportunity Cache Key = OP
    Service Request Cache Key = SR

  2. Edit the [Collaboration] section if necessary.

    The parameters are described in the following table.



    Determines the number of team-space icon existence states that can be cached in a user session.


    The cache is invalidated after this many seconds.

    Opportunity Request Cache Key

    This key is used as a cache key for object Opportunity.

    Service Request Cache Key

    This key is used as a cache key for object Service Request.

  3. If you have extended Siebel Collaboration for additional Siebel objects, such as accounts, add a unique cache key parameter to the section.

    Keep this string short (two letters), for example:

    Account Cache Key = AC

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