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Scenario for Configuring Siebel Collaboration

A company is using Siebel Collaboration for opportunities. The IT group wants to make a variety of changes to the configuration to tailor the functionality to address the company's specific business needs.

They decide to:

  • Change the number of days that determine whether a team space is marked as new, active, or inactive.
  • Change who gets automatically added to the team space when the team space is created. They want to give a team from the finance and legal departments visibility to all team spaces created for opportunities.
  • Change the appearance of some of the pages in response to user feedback.
  • Edit the Siebel Web Part to include the anticipated close date for the opportunity.
  • Improve display performance of the Opportunities List view by implementing caching for the team space icon.
  • Enable team spaces for accounts.
  • Configure Siebel Collaboration for other languages so that it can be rolled out to the company's international offices where the Siebel application is localized.
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