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About Siebel Collaboration

Siebel Collaboration integrates Microsoft SharePoint with Siebel Business Applications. It allows Siebel users to create SharePoint sites (called team spaces) from within the Siebel application.

Each team space is based on a particular Siebel object record, such as an opportunity or service request. The team space dynamically displays data about the record in the Siebel Web Part. The team space contains other Web Parts such as discussion threads, online presence indicators, and document-posting areas.

Siebel users can view and update team spaces associated with their records from within the Siebel application. (See Figure 1.)

Employees can also access the team spaces directly through their browser windows, in the same way that they access other SharePoint sites.

Opportunity and service request objects are supported out-of-the-box. However, using Siebel Tools, you can configure your application so that you can create team spaces for other business objects, such as accounts or marketing campaigns.

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