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Administering Communications Configuration Manager

This section describes how to administer the server component Communications Configuration Manager. The short name for this component is CommConfigMgr.

This server component uses generic configuration parameters and does not need to be configured.

The Communications Configuration Manager enhances application performance when agent communications sessions are initiated. It does this by reducing or eliminating the downloading of communications configuration data for each session. After the first agent login that uses a particular configuration, for all subsequent logins with the same configuration, the configuration is loaded from a cache rather than loaded from the database.

For information about enabling the use of this component using the CommConfigManager parameter, see Parameters for Application Object Manager and Siebel Developer Web Client.

The Communications Configuration Manager must be available for the instances of the Application Object Manager that connect to it for each agent's communications session.

In each case, the component that is employed is identified through the applicable data source for the Siebel application session. For each data source, a specific Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Enterprise Server, and Siebel Server are associated. The Communications Configuration Manager component must be enabled and running on this Siebel Server.

NOTE:  Enable the Communications Configuration Manager only after the communications configuration has been thoroughly tested and you are ready to deploy it to your agents. If any changes are made to the communications configuration, then you must restart the Communications Configuration Manager component in order to refresh the cached configuration data.

Running Communications Configuration Manager

When the Communications Management component group is enabled, the Communications Configuration Manager component is started automatically. For any machine on which you do not want to run Communications Configuration Manager, configure the Siebel Server not to start it.

For more information about configuring, starting, and stopping Siebel Server components, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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