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Administering Communications Outbound Manager

This section describes how to administer the server component Communications Outbound Manager. The short name for this component is CommOutboundMgr.

The Communications Outbound Manager processes outbound communications, for email, fax, or page channels. It supports communication requests, whether they are created and submitted directly or by Siebel Workflow. It also supports outbound capabilities for Siebel Email Response and for the Send Email, and Send Fax commands.

For this server component, you can configure a parameter that specifies how Siebel bookmarks are generated and configure a logging parameter. Otherwise, this component uses generic parameters and does not need to be configured.

For details, see Configuring Communications Outbound Manager and Configuring Shared or Separate Logging.

See also Defining Outbound Communication Requests and other sections describing features that use outbound communications.

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