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Hoteling Requirements and Issues

Note the following requirements and issues for implementing hoteling:

  • In order for multiple call-center agents to be able to log in to one computer, the computer or browser may need to be prepared for this purpose, for instance by creating Windows profiles for all hoteling users. For instructions for such tasks, refer to your computer system documentation.
  • After each agent is added to the communications configuration, the agent can then be associated with a teleset. Associating a host name with a teleset overrides any such association of the teleset with an agent.
  • If an agent logs into the Siebel application on a computer that is not associated with a hoteling teleset, voice communications are enabled for the agent only if that agent is explicitly associated with the teleset at the new location.
  • Hoteling can be configured only for computers that are always expected to be located at the same station as the hoteling teleset. A laptop computer that an agent connects to the network at any of several locations, for example, can be configured for hoteling only for a single location where a particular teleset is located.
  • Agents who log in to a hoteling computer cannot specify any other teleset in the Communications options of the User Preferences screen. The agent can specify a different extension for this teleset, however, if more than one extension is defined.
  • Commands for internal calls to employees who are using hoteling telesets can be configured to retrieve the runtime extension of the employee by using the $HotelingPhone macro. For more information, see Macros for Parameter Values.
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