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Using the Communications Simulator

Using the Communications Simulator, you can begin trying out basic communications features, such as accessing functions through the communications toolbar, or viewing Siebel records based on data associated with an inbound call. These features are described in more detail in the rest of this section.

You can simulate communications activity and experiment with associated screen-pop behavior.

Communications-Simulation Keys

The following sets of simulation keys have been preconfigured in the Communications Simulator. Consult the file predefined communications configurations for additional simulation commands:

  • SHIFT+F11 simulates an incoming new voice call. In this case, the call contains Caller ID data known as ANI (Automatic Number Identification). The caller exists in the Siebel Sample Database and has presumably called before. See Simulated Inbound Call with Caller ID.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+F11 simulates an incoming new voice call, in which the caller either does not have Caller ID or is not in the Siebel Database. See Simulated Inbound Call from an Unknown Caller.
  • SHIFT+F6 simulates an inbound campaign call, such as initiated by a predictive dialer. See Inbound Campaign Call Simulation.
  • CTRL+F11 simulates an incoming new email work item.
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