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Macro-Expansion Syntax Elements

Macro expansion uses the following syntax elements:

  • Brackets ([ ]) may contain a field name from the record that is currently selected in the Siebel application—for example, a record displayed in a dialog box. Brackets are applicable to event and command parameters only.
  • Braces ({ }) may contain a field name from the current business object, business component, work item, or session data, or may contain one of the macros described in Macros for Parameter Values. The Communications Server processes the content of braces after executing a pop-up applet. This applies to Command Data only.
  • A colon (:) following a field name functions as a separator to introduce modifying keywords, attributes, subfields, or numeric ranges that determine what data to extract and substitute. For information about how this element is used in phone number processing, see Macro Expansion with Phone Numbers.
  • A backslash (\) functions as an escape character, allowing you to place a literal bracket, brace, or colon in a value without its being subject to macro expansion.
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