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Using Business Services with Communications Server

This section describes some ways in which you can use Siebel business services with Siebel Communications Server.

Business services represent encapsulated functionality in the form of methods that can be called by Siebel application modules or by scripts within the Siebel application environment. Many types of Siebel Business Applications functionality, including Communications Server functionality, can be accessed as methods of Siebel-provided business services. Siebel applications running on all client types support Siebel business services.

This section describes using business services in two general ways:

  • Access Siebel Communications Server functionality outside of the standard means offered by the Siebel application user interface. For example, Siebel Workflow invokes Communications Server business services, and Siebel VB and Siebel eScript scripts can invoke Communications Server business services.
  • Integrate Siebel Communications Server events and commands with Siebel business services, in particular with custom business services or business services other than those provided for Communications Server.

Siebel Communications Server supports multiple business services that support the different functional areas of interactive session communications, outbound communications, and inbound communications.

The Outbound Communications Manager business service runs on the Siebel Server on which the Communications Outbound Manager server component is running.

For information about business services related to inbound communications, see Siebel Email Response Administration Guide and Siebel Universal Queuing Administration Guide.

For additional information about Siebel business services, see:

  • Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide
  • Configuring Siebel Business Applications
  • Siebel Developer's Reference
  • Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (and other books for Siebel EAI)
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