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Setting Driver Parameter Default Values

You can specify a new default value for a driver parameter. You can modify any default value in a profile. Values for certain parameters will typically be provided through a profile parameter override.

If you expect that a particular parameter value will apply to all or most of the profiles that you create; that is, you do not expect to override the value—you should probably specify this value as the default driver parameter value. Doing so will save you time when you create profiles, because you may not have to define an override for this driver parameter.

For the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver (which supports the email channel) if end users create profiles for personal use with the Send Email or Send Fax commands, then you must carefully consider for which parameter values these users will be expected to provide override values.

For information about creating personal profiles, see Creating Communications Profiles for Personal Use. For information about using the Send commands, see Sending Email, Fax, and Page Messages.

For information about configuring the Send commands, see Configuring the Send Commands in the File Menu.

To specify a driver parameter default value

  1. Navigate to Administration - Communications > Communications Drivers and Profiles.
  2. In the Communications Drivers list, select the driver that you want to modify the default parameter values.
  3. Click the Driver Parameters view tab.
  4. In the Driver Parameters list, clear the existing default value for a parameter, and enter a new value.
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