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How Communications Toolbar Buttons Work

When an agent clicks a communications toolbar button, the Siebel client attempts to execute a command, corresponding to the method name, from the communications configuration.

If no matching command is found, the communications driver (a profile for which is associated with the configuration) that supports a device command with the same name as the method will execute that device command.

If a command invokes a subcommand, business service method, or script, then it need not execute a device command. All other commands generally execute a specified device command.

A communications command executing a device command can be explicitly associated with a profile for the driver that supports that device command. This can help to avoid possible collisions where the same device command is supported by multiple drivers, and can also help the administrator to keep track of the intended functions of commands in a complex, multichannel environment.

For more information about the DeviceCommand parameter, see Command Parameters. For available device commands that may apply for your deployment, see:

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