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Communications Group Commands in Menus

In the communications configurations provided by Siebel Systems, the commands whose names end in "GroupInMenu" or "GroupInLocalMenu" may specify several subcommands, one of which is invoked when the menu item is chosen, based on the current context.

The order specified for each subcommand determines the sequence in which the subcommands are checked to find one that matches the context.

The "GroupInMenu" commands are for the Communications submenu, and the "GroupInLocalMenu" commands are for the applet-level menu.

For example, MakeCallGroupInLocalMenu has several subcommands defined, each of which specifies another command, such as MakeCallToAccount, MakeCallToContact, and so on. When the agent chooses Make Call in the applet-level menu, one of these subcommands is invoked, according to the current context.

If the agent is viewing a contact record, for example, Contact is the current business component. Because this business component is specified in the command data defined for MakeCallToContact, a match is found in this command.

For more information about group commands and subcommands, see Hierarchical Commands (Commands and Subcommands).

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