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Configuring Substitution Fields for Recipient Groups

For the business components defined in the recipient group, all business component fields are generally listed as available substitutions. (System fields, hidden fields, and fields that have a dot in the name are not listed.) Fields are listed from both the recipient group business component and recipient source business component, if they are different.

For example:

  • For the recipient group Contacts, the available substitution fields are from the Contact business component, in the form [Field Name].
  • For the recipient group Account Contacts, the available substitution fields are from both the Contact business component, in the form [Field Name], and Account business component, in the form [Account.Field Name].

Although it is usually unnecessary to do this, you can explicitly specify the substitution fields that are to be listed for any business component. You use Siebel Tools to do this. The following procedure describes how to configure a substitution field.

To configure a substitution field for a Recipient Group

  1. Start Siebel Tools, then select the business component on which the recipient group is based.
  2. In the Object Explorer, select Business Component User Prop.

    The Business Component User Properties applet appears.

  3. Choose Edit > New Record.
  4. Enter details for the new record as follows:

    In this field ...
    Enter ...


    Substitution Field #

    Replace # by the next number in the list of substitution fields. For example, if the name of the last created substitution field is Substitution Field 17, then name the new field Substitution Field 18.


    Enter the name of the business component.

  5. Step off the record to save your changes.

NOTE:  If you add one or more Substitution Field user properties, only those business component fields identified by these user properties are listed as available substitution fields in the All Templates or My Templates view. No other fields are listed for this business component.

For the example recipient group Account Contacts, any Substitution Field user properties defined on the Accounts or the Contacts business component affect the substitution fields for that business component only.

For more information about specifying user properties, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications and Siebel Developer's Reference.

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