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Configuring Default Templates for Send Email Command

This section describes how to configure a default communications template for an applet, for use with the Send Email command (F9 shortcut). A default template is preselected and populates the message area when the Send Email command is invoked, based on the current (active) applet at the time the command was invoked.

For more information about communications templates, see Configuring Communications Templates.

To specify that a specific email template is the default for a given applet, specify the template name as the value for the Mail Template applet property for the applet. You do this in Siebel Tools.

For example, by default, the email template Service Request Assignment has been associated in this manner with the applet Service Request List Applet and with other applets that display service request records in the Service screen.

When the Mail Template applet property has been set for an applet, and the repository changes have been compiled and distributed, then users do not need to explicitly select the template from the Body drop-down list when they use the Send Email command when this applet is active.

Setting a default template for the Send Email command, as described above, overrides template visibility by channel. For example, if a template is specified as the default email template for Change Request applets, this same template will also be the default template for these applets for the fax channels (using the Send Fax command).

For more information about using Siebel Tools, see Using Siebel Tools, Configuring Siebel Business Applications, and Siebel Developer's Reference.

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