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Supporting Email Interactivity

The User-Interactive Email driver supports email interactivity within the Siebel application, enabling agents to use the communications toolbar for communications work items of the email channel type.

The User-Interactive Email driver supports Siebel Email Response when deployed with Siebel Universal Queuing.

Within the applicable communications configuration, events and commands for work items for these products must reference profiles for this communications driver. The communications configurations provided by Siebel Systems support multichannel communications for voice and email work items.

NOTE:  Using this user-interactive driver requires that Siebel Universal Queuing or an equivalent queuing integration is deployed in order to route email work items to agents. When such a work item is routed to an agent, the agent is notified by the Accept Work Item button blinking on the communications toolbar.

For more information about Siebel Universal Queuing, see Siebel Universal Queuing Administration Guide.

In the Communications Drivers and Profiles view, note that the two user-interactive drivers, along with the CTI drivers, have the Interactive flag set. For more information, see About Communications Drivers and Profiles and Configuring Communications Drivers and Profiles.

NOTE:  The Siebel-provided communications driver Internet SMTP/POP3 Server, although also of channel type Email, does not support user-interactive functionality for email. For more information about the function of this driver, see Interfacing with Email and Fax Servers.

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