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Special Events for Device Events

This section describes special events, which are available for any communications configuration and are independent of the communications driver. Special events can be specified as device events in event handlers.

For more information about device events, see Defining Communications Events, and see the description for the DeviceEvent parameter in Event Handler Parameters.

For more information about defining event handlers, see Event Handlers.

The special events are not received from the communications system, such as CTI middleware, as are many other communications events for which a device event is specified.

NOTE:  Special events are primarily used for defining event handlers in your communications configuration. However, you can also invoke them from scripts written using Siebel VB or Siebel eScript.

When using special events, you use WorkItemID, instead of SiebelWorkItemID, to refer to work item attributes. For example, you might define an event handler as follows:

   DeviceEvent = "@PreWorkItemStartedEvent"
   FilterSpec = "[$GetWorkItemAttr(WorkItemID, ANI)] IS NOT NULL"

Many of the special events correspond to client handle methods, and include work item attributes. For more information, see Work Item Attributes. For more information about the client handle methods, see Methods of ISC_CLIENT_HANDLE.

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