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Using Communications Menu Commands

This section describes using the Communications submenu and communications commands in the applet-level menus.

The Communications submenu, which is a submenu of the Tools application-level menu in a communications-enabled Siebel application, contains several communications commands for agents to use. The applet-level menus also contain communications commands. Some of the menu commands may perform functions equivalent to buttons in the communications toolbar.

The communications-related menu options support context sensitivity. Agents can initiate several communications operations that extract data from Siebel Database records, such as phone numbers for contacts or service requests, in order to initiate communications or take actions affecting the current communications work item.

NOTE:  If a record is being created or edited, and has not been committed, then choosing a communications menu command might not perform the desired function correctly. You will not be able to save the record if some required fields have not yet been filled in appropriately. Before performing an action such as to transfer a call (and send a screen transfer), agents should complete and commit all changes or undo the record, as appropriate.

To choose communications commands

  • Do one of the following:
    • From the application-level menus, choose Tools > Communications, then choose one of the displayed submenu commands.
    • From the applet-level menu, choose one of the displayed communications commands.

Example commands may include Answer Call, Associate, Blind Transfer, View Work Item, and so on.

The available commands in these menus vary according to the communications configuration in effect for the agent. Administrators can customize the content and functioning of the Communications submenu and the applet-level menus by working with the commands in the All Commands view in the Administration - Communications screen. For more information, see Configuring Communications Menu Commands.

NOTE:  If you are working with an activity record or another type of record that is automatically associated with a work item, you must save any changes to the record before you release the work item. In addition, in order to make changes after releasing the work item, you must first refresh the record. Otherwise, changes you make to the record may be lost.

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