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Editing and Formatting Controls for Send Email and Send Fax

For the Send Email command (native Siebel email client only) and for the Send Fax command, you can edit and format your message text before sending it, using controls in an editing bar that appears when you click in the message area in the Send Email or Send Fax window.

The editing bar appears only when HTML is the setting for the Send Email: Default Message Format option in the Outbound Communications options of the User Preferences screen. For more information about this user preference setting, see Preference Settings for Outbound Communications.

NOTE:  If you are using Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook for the Send Email command, the editing and formatting capabilities are those provided by the third-party vendor. The Siebel software attempts to specify an editing environment according to the user's Send Email Default Message Preference setting. However, the behavior of the third-party email client software cannot be guaranteed. Users can also specify editing preferences in Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook.

For email messages, message recipients who cannot view HTML messages in their email client program will instead view a plain-text version of each message, from which any formatting has been stripped out.

Managing Line Breaks for HTML Messages

When HTML editing is enabled, note the following behavior regarding line breaks:

  • Pressing ENTER creates a new paragraph.
  • Pressing SHIFT+ENTER creates a new line.

Managing Links and HTML Elements from Other Sources

For email messages, when HTML editing is enabled, you can enter URL or mailto links directly and they will be automatically converted to links in the HTML output. For example:


Graphics or other elements displayed on Web pages, such as horizontal rules or tables, may be selectable by dragging the mouse pointer. In some cases, such elements can be copied and pasted into the Send Email/Fax message body.

If you are using plain-text mode in the Send Email or Send Fax window, you can remove any remnant HTML formatting by clicking the button Remove HTML Tags.

NOTE:  Content other than text or HTML tag elements cannot be added directly to the message text. For example, you cannot copy and paste graphics or other files into the message text. You cannot drag and drop text but you can cut and paste text.

Editing and Formatting Options

The HTML formatting options include, from left to right:

  • Find/Replace. Click the arrow to display the Find controls above the editing bar, or to hide these controls. When the Find controls appear above the editing bar, click the arrow on the left to toggle between the Find controls and the Find and Replace controls. Enter text to find, or enter replacement text, then click Go. Find operations are not case-sensitive.
  • Cut. Click to cut selected text to the clipboard.
  • Copy. Click to copy selected text to the clipboard.
  • Paste. Click to paste text from the clipboard into the message area. Depending on the source, text you paste may include HTML formatting.
  • Font. Choose a font from a drop-down list to apply to selected text. Available fonts include Arial (the default), Verdana, Times New Roman, and Courier.
  • Size. Choose a size from a drop-down list to apply to selected text. Point sizes include 8 (the default), 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36.
  • Font Color. Click the arrow to display font colors above the editing bar, then click to choose a color to apply to selected text.
  • Bold. Click to apply bold formatting to selected text, or to remove bold.
  • Italic. Click to apply italic formatting to selected text, or to remove italics.
  • Underline. Click to apply underlining to selected text, or to remove underlining.
  • Ordered List. Click to apply numbering to selected text (make it an ordered list), or to remove numbering.
  • Unordered List. Click to apply bullets to selected text (make it an unordered list), or to remove bullets. Bullets appear differently at different levels of indenting.
  • Indent. Click to increase indenting for selected paragraphs.
  • Outdent. Click to decrease indenting for selected paragraphs (outdent).
  • Left Align. Click to left-align selected paragraphs.
  • Center Align. Click to center selected paragraphs.
  • Right Align. Click to right-align selected paragraphs.
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