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CTI/Communications Toolbar Configuration

This section provides upgrade information for the communications toolbar:

  • The CTI toolbar in previous versions is now the communications toolbar.
  • In Siebel Tools, "Communication Toolbar" is the name of the object definition for the communications toolbar.
  • The business service methods and Siebel Tools commands invoked by each toolbar button have changed.

    When you upgrade your communications configuration as described earlier, communications command names that invoke toolbar buttons are changed to match the business service methods that the toolbar buttons are now configured to invoke.

  • The Siebel Tools command names and bitmaps for toolbar buttons have changed.
  • Some functions that used two CTI toolbar buttons in release 6.x now use only a single button each. These functions include Consultative Transfer, Consultative Conference, and Forward Calls/Cancel Forward.
  • Image files for toolbar buttons are now .gif files, instead of .bmp files.
  • Drag-and-drop toolbar customization is no longer supported.
  • The floating toolbar display mode is no longer supported.
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