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Upgrade Issues for Communications Templates

In release 6.x, communications templates for Siebel Communications Server were called communications packages. Similarly, template items were called package items.

Existing templates (packages) you created in release 6.x will still work in the current version, but you can now take advantage of enhanced template functionality, and you can use templates in a wider range of contexts.

Communications templates are created and managed in the My Templates view (Communications screen) or All Templates view (Administration - Communications screen). For more information, see Configuring Communications Templates.

Response templates previously used for Siebel Email Response in release 6.x are upgraded, and can be accessed with the other communications templates in release 7.x. After upgrade, the name of each template has been appended with the template type, in parentheses.

For example, a template named "Dear John" of type Body will now be named "Dear John (Body)". You may choose to adjust the values of other template fields after upgrade, to take advantage of current template features. Use the Simple tab in the appropriate templates view to modify such templates.

Templates used for the Send Email, Send Fax, or Send Page commands in release 6.x will not work in the current version. Such templates will need to be re-created as communications templates in the manner described in this book. Use the Simple tab in the appropriate templates view to re-create such templates.

In templates you re-create for the Send commands, notations for indicating fields to be substituted with data from the Siebel Database must change. Such fields must be enclosed with brackets ([and]) instead of with % symbols. In addition, the business component name must precede each field name, followed by a period. For example, "%SR Number%" must change to "[Service Request.SR Number]".

Communications templates are now used for:

  • Outbound communication requests (for all communications channels)
  • Siebel Email Response outbound replies
  • Send Email command
  • Send Fax command
  • Send Page command

The same template infrastructure is applicable to all of the features identified above. However, different features will use different template settings, and some advanced template features do not apply in certain contexts of use.

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