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CTIData Object Type

The methods of the CTIData object type are described in this section. For descriptions of the CTIService object type, see CTIService Object Type.

Scripting examples using Siebel VB and Siebel eScript follow.

The CTIData object type contains a field/value set and can be used for two purposes:

  • To retrieve the information about the current call (ANI, DNIS, and so on)
  • To pass the parameters and user data to the call-control commands

This object is conceptually similar to Dictionaries for Perl, or Maps for MFC.

Field names are specific to the CTI middleware you are using. The event data fields are specific to the particular CTI integration and are fully described in the command tables for your supported CTI middleware found in Using Siebel CTI Connect. Also refer to documentation from the middleware vendor.



Empties the CTIData object by deleting all fields.


CTIData.GetFieldValue field_name -> field_value

Retrieves the value of the specified field.


CTIData.SetFieldValue field_name, field_value

Adds the field/value pair to the read-only copy of the CTIData object. If a field with the same name is already present, the previous value is overwritten.


CTIData.GetCount -> return_value

Returns the number of the fields in the CTIData object.


CTIData.GetFieldAt index -> field_name

Returns the name of a field by its index location. The GetCount and GetFieldAt functions can be used to enumerate all fields contained currently in the CTIData object.


CTIData.RemoveField field_name

Removes (deletes) the field by name.

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