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Upgrade Issues for CTI/Communications Configurations

Many issues for upgrading from Siebel CTI release 6.x (and earlier) concern communications configurations (formerly CTI configurations), which play a critical role in defining Siebel application functionality—in particular, using the communications toolbar—for interactive communications channels such as voice.

Some of the steps for upgrading a configuration can be done automatically, if you prepare .DEF and .ini files from your previous version, and then import data from these files into a new communications configuration for the current version. More information on this process is described later in this section.

NOTE:  Siebel CTI release 6.x (and earlier) exported CTI configuration data into two different files: .ini for configuration parameters and .DEF for events and commands. In the current version, communications configuration data is exported to only a single file type, .DEF. You can, however, choose which elements to export.

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