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Associating Contacts with Accounts (End User)

End users can associate contacts with accounts. This task is a step in Process of Managing Accounts.

To associate contacts with accounts

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen > Accounts List view.
  2. Drill down on the Name field hyperlink for a selected account, and click the Contacts view tab.

    In the Accounts Contacts view tab, you can:

    • Create new contacts
    • View all contacts for an account
    • Modify existing contacts
    • Drill down on any individual contact's name to create activities for that contact and account

      NOTE:  Before creating a new contact be sure that the contact does not already exist by querying the All Contacts view. If the contact does not exist, you can enter a new contact from either the All Accounts View or the All Contacts view, and associate the contact with the appropriate account. For more information on querying, see Fundamentals.

      For the procedure on creating and modifying contact information, see the Applications Administration Guide.

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