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Scenario for Setting Up and Maintaining Accounts

This example scenario for accounts is performed by marketing administrators, key account managers, and retail sales representatives. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

The marketing administrator for a food manufacturing company is responsible for maintaining the account-related data within the Siebel application. Generally, all of the account data is bulk loaded into the Siebel application from the food manufacturer's legacy database. However, the company has just acquired a new account, ABC Mart, and the decision has been made to manually input the information about this account directly into the Siebel application.

The administrator begins by creating account records for all of ABC Mart's headquarters offices and retail outlets. He then organizes these accounts into a hierarchy. He positions the corporate headquarters for ABC Mart at the top of the hierarchy, with regional headquarters in the middle, and retail outlets at the bottom. For each account, he then adds account profile and account contacts information, and creates addresses and account assessment templates. He arranges with the database administrator to import consumer demographic information into the Siebel database, including size of household, income level, and location. Also, he can manually assign account team members or use Siebel Assignment Manager to automatically assign them, based on factors such as State, Area Code, and Type of account. He informs the new key account manager when the account information is ready.

The key account manager for ABC Mart instructs the retail sales representatives who report to her to enter activities and opportunities for each of the ABC Mart accounts for which they are responsible.

As the sales representatives interact with their contacts at the retail outlets, they enter unique information about each account, such as new contacts, addresses, assessments, best call times, store sizes, visit frequencies, or any additional demographic information. As sales territories change, representatives can remove themselves from account teams. As new representatives are hired, detailed information about accounts is available to them, based on their roles and responsibilities.

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