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Deleting Accounts

Deleting an account completely removes the account as well as all data related to the account, such as activities, contacts, and addresses, from the system.

If you are unsure whether the account is still active (and therefore should not be deleted), contact the primary account team member and inquire before modifying or deleting the account.

You can remove yourself or others from the account team instead of deleting the record. End users can remove themselves from the account team, but they cannot delete records in the standard Consumer Goods application. Removing yourself or others from the account team will remove this account from the visibility of the person no longer on the team.

As an administrator, you can delete individual accounts manually, or delete accounts in batch using Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM). For information about EIM, see the Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Accounts.

To delete an account

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > Account List view.
  2. Select an account record.
  3. In the Accounts/Orgs list, click Delete.
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