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Creating an Objective

You must complete this task before performing the remaining tasks in this chapter.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Objectives.

To create an objective

  1. Navigate to the Objectives screen > Retail Objective List view .
  2. In the Objectives list, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    The purpose of the objective.

    End Date

    The ending date of an objective. It must fall within the objective's time period.


    The name of the objective.


    The organization constrains the target accounts that are available to associate with the objective.

    Parent Objective

    The name of an objective's parent objective, if applicable. The parent objective defines some of the criteria for its child objectives. For instance, child objectives are constrained to the products associated with the parent objective, if any.

    You can create parent objectives without completing the Parent Objective field. You must complete the Parent Objective field when creating child objectives.

    Parent-child relationships between Objectives can be viewed in the Objectives Explorer view.


    The period of time during which an objective must be completed.


    The product or products that you want to associate with this objective.

    Start Date

    The beginning date of an objective. It must fall within the objective's time period.


    Multiple people can be assigned to the Objective's team, and any user with the ability to create objectives can assign objective team members.


    The type of objective being created; for example, a promotion or a marketing type of objective.

    If you wish to create recurring objectives, you can do the following:

    • Change the period of an existing objective (if no visits have been scheduled).
    • Copy an existing objective and apply a new period to it.
    • Use a workflow to schedule monthly visits. For more information, see the Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.
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