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Targeting Accounts to Objectives

You need to associate one or more accounts to an objectives. Accounts associated with objectives are referred to as target accounts. When the objective is applied, the objective's activities are used as templates to create activities for each of the target accounts.

The accounts that are available as targets are those that belong to the organization of which the user is an account team member.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Objectives.

To target an account to an objective

  1. Navigate to the Objectives screen > Retail Objective List view.
  2. In the Objectives list, drill down on the objective record to which you want to add a target account.
  3. Click the Target Accounts view tab.
  4. Add accounts to the Accounts list (scroll down to see this third applet in the view), and add accounts in whatever way is most appropriate for you:
    • To add one account at a time, In the Accounts list, add a new record.
    • To add multiple accounts at a time:
      • In the Target Accounts list (middle applet), query for accounts or apply a target list.
      • Select accounts to add.
      • Click Commit.

        The accounts you commit appear in the Accounts list.

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