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Associating Sources of Supply with a Product (End User)

You can specify sources of supply for the products on a distribution list. You can associate multiple sources of supply with a single authorized product. This association helps key account managers understand the distribution patterns of supply for the various accounts and buying groups.

To associate sources of supply with a product

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen > Accounts List view.
  2. Drill down on the Name field hyperlink for a selected account, and click the Source of Supply view tab.
  3. Highlight the products for which you want to designate a source of supply in the Products list.
  4. In the Source of Supply list, create a new record and complete the necessary fields.
  5. Click the Buying Group select button.

    The Pick Account Suppliers dialog box appears.

  6. In the Pick Account Suppliers dialog box, select the supplier you want to associate with the product, and click OK.
  7. Complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    The percentage of the total product order that is coming from the particular supplier.

    Primary Flag

    Check this field if you want the supplier to be the primary source.


    The location of the buying group.

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