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Performing a Retail Assessment

Retail assessments measure an account against a set of predefined attributes. Typically, the predefined attributes are created as assessment templates. The assessment template can help to determine the possibility of introducing a new product or measure the retail presence of a competitor.

For information about creating assessment templates, see the section on setting up assessment templates in the Applications Administration Guide.

To perform a retail assessment

  1. Navigate to the Visit Execution screen, and locate your visit in the visit form.
  2. In the Activities list, create a new record with an activity type of Retail Assessment.

    NOTE:  For information on adding an activity to an account visit, see Creating Retail Activities (End User).

  3. In the Activity Type field, drill down on the Retail Assessment hyperlink you have just created.

    The Assessments view in the Accounts screen appears. The current account is displayed in the Account form.

  4. In the Assessments list, select the assessment you want to perform during this visit.
  5. In the Assessment Attributes list, fill in the fields for each assessment attribute.
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