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Performing a Retail Audit

Sales representatives perform retail audits to check that products are correctly priced, positioned, and stocked at retail outlets. You can conduct retail audits on your own organization's products and a competitor's products.

You must complete the following tasks before performing a retail audit on a competitor's products:

To perform a retail audit

  1. Navigate to the Visit Execution screen and locate your visit in the visit form.
  2. In the Activities list, create a new record with an activity type of Retail Audit.

    NOTE:  For information on adding an activity to an account visit, see Creating Retail Activities (End User).

  3. In the Activity Type field, drill down on the Retail Audit hyperlink you have just created.

    The Retail Audit view appears.

  4. In the Retail Audit link bar, click the Retail Audit link, and then click List Products.

    A list of all the products authorized for distribution to the account and designated for a retail audit appears in the Retail Audit list. The list includes products from your organization and competitive products.

  5. In the Retail Audit list, select a product record for which you want to perform a retail audit.
  6. Scroll down to the Product form, and record observations about the conditions of the selected product in the appropriate fields.
  7. When you are finished conducting the audit, scroll back to the Account Activity form, and choose Done from the Status field drop-down list.
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