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Creating Routes (End User)

Routes are created to manage the scheduling of retail visits to accounts within a given geographical area.

This task is a step in Process of Creating and Using Routes.

Guidelines for Creating Routes

The following are guidelines for creating routes:

  • You must specify the person for whom you are creating the route (generally, either a retail sales manager or a retail sales representative who reports to a retail sales manager).
  • A retail sales representative can be assigned many routes, but each route can be assigned to only one retail sales representative.
  • A route can have any number of accounts.
  • A route name cannot be used for more than one route assigned to a given retail sales representative. However, the same route name can be used for routes that are assigned to different retail sales representatives.
  • If the route will be used repeatedly to schedule visits, do not specify a start date when creating the route.

To create a route

  1. Navigate to the Routes screen > Routes List view.
  2. In the Routes list, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Route Id

    A unique system-generated number assigned to the route.

    Route Name

    A name for the route (for example, Northeast Richmond). A route name must be unique to the retail sales representative to which it is assigned.


    A description of the route.

    Sales Person

    The salesperson to whom the route is assigned. A route can be assigned only to one person.

    In the My Routes view, the Sales Person field is automatically filled with the current user name. If you are assigning a route to someone other than yourself, enter that person's name in the Salesperson field.

    Start Day

    The day of the week on which the route is designated to begin. The Start Day is used only as reference information and does not prevent you from using the route to schedule visits starting on some other day of the week.


    Select to indicate the route is active and available for use in scheduling visits.

    Last Updated

    The time and date the route was last changed.

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