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Transferring Fund Amounts (End User)

Key account managers can transfer amounts between funds. Typically, transferring funds requires approval from a regional sales manager or a marketing administrator. For information on approving fund transfers, see Approving a Fund Transfer (End User).

This task is a step in Process of Managing Trade Funds.

To transfer a fund amount

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen > Accounts List view.
  2. Drill down on the Name field hyperlink for a selected account, and click the Funds view tab.
  3. In the Funds list, select a fund record.
  4. Click the appropriate subview tab, and create a new record:
    • If you want to transfer an amount into this fund, click the Transfers In subview tab.
    • If you want to transfer an amount out of this fund, click the Transfers Out subview tab.

      NOTE:  You can transfer money between funds of different currencies.

  5. Complete the necessary fields.
  6. In the Submitted To field, select the employee responsible for approving the transfer.

    The transfer will appear in the Transfer Approvals subview of the employee selected.

  7. Change the Status field to Submitted.
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