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Creating a Deal for a Promoted Category

Key account managers can create and view a list of deals that fund a promoted category, and view information about each deal's planned and actual spending.

To create a deal for a promoted category

  1. Navigate to the Plans screen.
  2. In the Plan List view, select the plan record containing the promoted categories.
  3. Drill down on the Name field hyperlink.

    The Promotions list appears.

  4. In the Promotions list, drill down on the Name field hyperlink for the promotion that contains the promoted categories.

    The Promoted Categories list appears, displaying the list of categories in the promotion.

  5. In the Promoted Categories list, click the Category field hyperlink of the promoted category for which you want to create a deal.

    The Deals list appears.

  6. In the Deals list, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in Step 3.

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