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Creating Business Objects and Business Object Components

To create a business object and business object components

  1. Navigate to the Business Object object type.
  2. In the Object List Editor, create a new record and then use the following table to complete the fields:


The name of the business object must be unique among business objects in the repository. All references to the business object are done through its name.

Query List Business Component

The default value is Query List. It identifies the business component used to store predefined queries for the business object.

Primary Business Component

Defines the driving business component for the business object. You cannot define this value until after you have defined business object components.

  1. In the Object Explorer, expand Business Object and select the child object type, Business Object Component.
  2. In the Object List Editor, use the information in the following table to create new records for each business component you want to be represented in the business object.

    Bus Comp

    Define the business component to be included in the business object.


    Defines the link relationship between two business components. Although property is not required, you should define a link:

    • When the business component can be linked to more than one business component in that business object—for example, the Action business component could be linked to the Opportunity, Account, or Contact business component in the Opportunity business object.
    • When the link between the parent and child business component is many-to-many and either component can be the parent—for example, in the Opportunity business object, there is a relationship between the Opportunity and Contact business components. Because either business component could be the parent, you must specify that the Opportunity/Contact link should be used to be sure that the Opportunity business object is the parent.

    If you do not specify the link, by default a link named Parent Business Component/Child Business Component is used, where the parent business component property's value equals the name of the source business object, and the child business component property's value equals the value of the destination business component property.

    If a suitable link cannot be found, the business component is displayed without a link to any other business component in the parent business object. In this case, all records that satisfy the business component search specification independent of the parent business component are displayed. This could create issues because users would not understand that the values in the child business component are not directly related to the parent business component, but represent all data for the child business component. Therefore, you should enter a value for all links wherever you want to show master-detail records.

  3. Go back to the Business Component object definition and enter a value for the Primary Business Component property.

    You cannot select values for this property until after business object components have been defined.

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