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ActiveX Methods and Events

An ActiveX control in an applet exposes a set of methods and events that are provided with the control. The methods may be called from scripts written in browser script attached to the control or other objects, and event procedures can be programmed in to respond to the events the control generates.

To see the list of available methods for the ActiveX control

  1. In the Applet Web Template Layout window, click the ActiveX control to select it.
  2. Right-click to access the shortcut menu.

    See To change properties in the ActiveX control's native property sheet for an illustration of the shortcut menu.

  3. Select the ActiveX Control Methods menu option.

    The ActiveX Control Methods dialog box appears.

    Click for full size image

    This dialog box lists the methods, and specifies the syntax for calling them. It is for reference purposes only.

  4. Click Close to dismiss the dialog box.
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