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About Applet Templates

The Applet Web Template child object type (of Applet) makes it possible to specify multiple templates for a single applet, each template file associated with one or more modes. The Applet Web Template object type has the following important properties:

  • Type. Indicates the edit mode that the applet template supports (such as Edit or New).
  • Web Template. Provides the name of the Web Template used for that mode.

The Applet Web Template Item child object type (of Applet Web Template) defines the mappings between controls and list columns to placeholders in the Web template file. The Applet Web Template Item object type has the following properties:

  • Name. Name of the object definition, generally the same as the Control property.
  • Control. Specifies the name of the control as it is to appear.
  • Item Identifier. This specifies a unique numeric identifier for each control, generated in the layout editor. The value is used in the markup language tag that specifies the corresponding control in a template, binding the control to a specific position on the page.
  • Type. Consists of the value Control, List Item, or Web Control, indicating what kind of control the applet Web template item defines.
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