The Siebel Connector for ACORD XML provides integration between Siebel eBusiness Applications and other insurance application systems, such as a policy administration system. The connector supports the ACORD XML Business Message Specification for P&C Insurance and Surety, an insurance industry-standard XML specification.

The Siebel Connector for ACORD XML receives, parses, and processes the business operations specified in the XML message. It handles both outbound and inbound messages.

This integration offers capabilities designed to meet all Property and Casualty message specification requirements. This solution allows you to harness the synergies between Siebel front office applications and ACORD-based applications. Siebel Connector for ACORD XML extends Siebel applications to integrate with back office data and business processes.

The Siebel Connector for ACORD XML supports both synchronous and asynchronous transactions across application boundaries. The resulting consistency and sharing of data allows coordination between front and back office operations. For example, sales and service professionals can enter basic policy information in Siebel Financial Services applications and receive a real-time response with a quote for the policy entered. The sales or service professional can then enter the policy details, without ever leaving the Siebel application interface, by completing the requirements and issuing the policy to the customer.

Siebel Financial Services Connector for ACORD P&C and Surety Guide