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Configuring Runtime Events

Siebel supports triggering workflows based on runtime events. Using a runtime event allows you to incorporate configured workflow functions into actual applications. For complete information about runtime events, see Siebel eEvents Management Guide.

The example in this section describes a runtime event that adds an auto policy when the Sub Status field changes in an INS Policy business component record. In the following procedure, a runtime event is defined and linked to an action that starts the example outbound workflow. It sends the active record as an ACORD XML message in the example connector.

To create a runtime event

  1. Start the Siebel client.
  2. From the Application-level menu, choose View>Site Map>Runtime Event Administration.
  3. Create a new event record, and enter the following values:
    • Action Set Name = ACORDDemo
    • Object Type = BusComp
    • Object Name = INS Policy
    • Event = SetFieldValue
    • Subevent = Sub Status
  4. Enter the following condition expression:

    ([Sub Status] = LookupValue ('INS_POLICY_SUBSTATUS', 'Submitted'))

    This expression instructs the Siebel application to initiate the action set ACORDDemo when the Sub Status field value changes to Submitted. Typically, this will occur when the user selects Submitted from the value list.

  5. Create a new record for Action Sets/Actions, with the following parameters:
    • Actions Type = BusService
    • Business Service Name = Workflow Process Manager
    • Business Service Method = RunProcess
    • Business Service Context = "ProcessName," ACORD Add Auto Policy Outbound Workflow (the name of the configured workflow that handles outbound messages).
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