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Creating an Envelope Integration Object

An envelope integration object provides the envelope and header information needed by the ACORD XML hierarchy.

The following procedure shows how to create an envelope integration object that works with external and internal integration objects. Note that the wizard provides the option of creating an envelope integration object that stands alone, which can be used for authentication.

The example provides the steps for creating a user-defined envelope, which allows you to create a customized authentication mechanism. You can also create a default envelope from the wizard. The default envelope provides the user name, password, and session key authentication mechanism that conforms to the ACORD standard.

To create an envelope integration object

  1. Lock the project and select the DTD file for the object.

    As described in the previous section, you select the ACORD_PC_XML_V1_0_0.dtd file.

    After the wizard parses the DTD file, it displays the next page so that you can create an envelope integration object.

  2. For this example, select the Create user defined envelope check box, fill in the name of the integration object, and click Next.
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    If you wanted to create a standalone envelope, you would select the Create envelope integration object only check box. A standalone envelope integration object can be used by any integration objects later on.

  3. Click Next.

    The wizard displays a visual selection hierarchy so that you can select the elements you want to include in the header.

    These elements include <Signon> and <Signoff> elements for both request and response.

    For the example, deselect PendingResponseInfo and SuppressNotification.

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  4. Verify that the required check boxes are selected, and click Next.

    The wizard displays the first screen in the sequence to create an external integration object.

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