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Creating Internal Integration Objects

An internal integration object creates a structure that matches the data structure of a Siebel business object.

You can choose an already-created internal integration object, if one has been created. Siebel integration objects are interfaces for outside systems to interact with internal Siebel data.

This example uses the FINS ACORD Wizard to create a new internal integration object, as shown in the following procedure.

To create an internal integration object

  1. Lock the project and select the DTD file for the object.

    You select the ACORD_PC_XML_V1_0_0.dtd file.

  2. Create an envelope integration object and a pair of external integration objects.

    The steps are described in the preceding sections.

  3. In the Select Internal Integration Object screen, do not select either check box, and click Next to display the New Integration Object screen.
  4. In the Internal Request Integration Object area, choose the business object that contains the information that the connector will exchange, and enter the name of the integration object.
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  5. For the Internal Response Integration Object, select the Use the same integration object as request check box.

    The entry boxes are grayed-out.

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  6. Click Next to display the integration components available from the business object you selected on the previous screen.
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    This screen displays a visual hierarchy of the business object structure. It provides all the available aggregates and elements for the message.

  7. Deselect the elements you do not want to include, and then click Next.

    The screen displays a warning telling you that it may take some time to create the integration objects.

  8. Click Yes to create the integration objects.

    After the wizard creates the integration objects, it shows the objects that have been created.

  9. Click Finish.

    The wizard guides you to the Integration Objects view, which displays a list of integration objects that includes the ones you have just created.

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