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Status Information and Error Codes

Status information is information about the current status of a message. It appears only in response documents. It can appear in a response header or in any body element. In the header, it appears in a <Status> tag. In messages in the body, it appears in a <MsgStatus> tag.

Status information in the header applies to the entire ACORD XML document. Status information in a service applies to that service. Status information in a message applies to that message.

The external server generates status information after processing the document. If the processing is satisfactory, status information may or may not be generated. If there is a problem in the processing, the status information identifies the problem.

For details of status codes, see the ACORD XML Business Message specification, which describes the status codes.

The following is an example of status information in a message. Note that it uses the <MsgStatus> tag.

<MsgErrorCd>FINS IXML Transaction Manager: Multiple matches found
for instance of integration component 'Ins Policy_Position' using
search specification '[Active Login Name]="VSILVER"' in the
business component 'Position', based on user key 'User Key:1'.

The <MsgStatusCd> information, such as "Error," "Rejected," or "Success," shows the result of processing. If the value of <MsgStatusCd> is "Error," <MsgErrorCd> provides additional details.

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