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Configuring the Oracle Receiver

The Oracle Receiver is configured so that it can detect the Oracle RDBMS. This task is summarized below.

To configure the Oracle Receiver

  1. In the Siebel Web Client, select View > Site Map > Server Administration > Components.
  2. Select Oracle Receiver and search for Component Parameters.
  3. Supply the Current Value and Value on Restart for the following Oracle parameters:
    • ExtDBODBC Data Source

      This is the ODBC data source name for the Oracle database.

    • ExtDBPassword

      This is the password for the data source.

    • ExtDBTableOwner

      The is the Table owner for the DSN.

    • ExtDBUserName

      This is the Username for the data source.

    • ORCL Batch Size

      If this parameter is specified, the Oracle Receiver will extract (in a single pass) the maximum number of records from the Notification Table, up to ORCLBatchSize.

      NOTE:  Current Value and Value on Restart may have the same value.

Starting the Oracle Receiver

You may start the Oracle Receiver immediately after you install and configure the Oracle Receiver. Once it is running, the Receiver continues unless it is shut down by a system or power failure. In this case, you must restart the Oracle Receiver as part of the general restarting process.

Guidelines for Starting the Oracle Receiver

The following guidelines apply to starting the Oracle Receiver:

  • You can start the Oracle Receiver in DOS through the Server Manager.
  • The Oracle Receiver server component name is ORCLRcvr.
  • The following example shows the parameters to start the Oracle Receiver:

    srvrmgr > start task for component ORCLRcvr /g GatewayName /e EnterpriseName /s ServerName /U LoginName /P Pswd

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