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Updating an Account

To update an existing account in Siebel Applications and send it to Oracle Applications

  1. Using a Siebel application (for example, Call Center), click on Accounts.
  2. Select My Accounts in the pull down box.
  3. Click on a listed account.
  4. Enter new values for account fields.
  5. Click Save to save the account record.
  6. Make any additional necessary changes to the account.
  7. Depending upon the Oracle application used in the back office, select the Back Office tab (Oracle Applications R10.7 or R11i).
  8. Click Update Back Office to send the account to the back office.
  9. When the screen is refreshed, it displays the synchronization status and indicates that the account was received in the back office.

    The Oracle Receiver automatically brings all new and updated account records created through Oracle Applications to Siebel Applications at the next scheduled run.

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