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Retrieving Account and Competitor News for Briefings

Siebel Content Services allows you to include briefings about your accounts, competitors, other organizations, and so on, in your Siebel application. These briefings are retrieved from data within your Siebel application, as well as from external news sources based on your organization's subscriptions with Siebel Content Services.

As an administrator you can create account topics, which are used to associate your Siebel accounts and competitors with external content. You also can associate your organization with a news topic to display company news on the My Briefings page.

Your Siebel application can use the account topics you create to search Siebel Content Services for information about your accounts and competitors.

Your Siebel application uses D&B as its standard for company topics. You use the Account Topic Manager to associate accounts and competitors to D-U-N-S numbers. D-U-N-S numbers are a standard way for external content providers to index company information. If you search using an indexed term, such as the D-U-N-S number, rather than a more generic search term, such as company name, then your search results are more likely to be accurate and relevant.

NOTE:  D-U-N-S numbers that have been assigned and populated to an account do not always appear. To find out if the D-U-N-S has been assigned, click the drop-down list for the DUNS field. If the D-U-N-S record has already been assigned, it appears in this drop-down list. Click OK and the D-U-N-S record appears in the field.

By associating your accounts and competitors with topics, you also gain access to Siebel Company Vocabulary, which provides access to other common company identifiers, such as its stock ticker symbol. This gives you the ability to configure portal agents to submit different search terms to different content providers—for example, the D-U-N-S number to one content provider or the stock ticker symbol to another.

You can associate multiple accounts from your Siebel database to a single topic. This is an appropriate section when external content services consider several accounts in your Siebel database as a single entity. For example, you can have several divisions of Acme, Inc. (Acme West, Acme East, and Acme South) listed as unique accounts in your Siebel database, while an external content provider may index news based on the parent company, Acme, Inc.

For more information about portal agents, see Siebel Portal Framework Guide. For more information about D-U-N-S numbers, see Applications Administration Guide.

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