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About Configuring Content Asset Management

Content assets can be added to the Content Center repository by specifying a filename on a shared directory or by specifying a URL. In both cases, files that are linked-to from the specified file or URL can be imported by selecting to Follow Links.

When shared network files are imported to the Content Center repository in this way, the permissions for the directory access are those of the server process account. Because the server process account typically has more extensive privileges than the user, there is a security risk of users importing content from directories to which they do not have access.

To prevent this, importing from shared directories has been disabled except for those directories that are listed in the contentbase.ini file. It is recommended that you limit this list of allowed directories to a set that you can easily monitor and manage.

On the Windows platform, the contentbase.ini file can be found in SIEBEL_ROOT\siebsrvr\bin, and, on the UNIX platform, the file can be found in SIEBEL_ROOT/siebsrvr/lib. The default file looks like this:

[Global Settings]



  • ImportFileEnabled. If ImportFileEnabled=1, file import is allowed from directories identified in the ImportFilePath parameter. If ImportFileEnabled=0 import is allowed only from URLs (where the URL's server enforces security) and import from shared directories and followed links is disabled.
  • ImportFilePath. The value of this parameter determines the directories from which the user can import files. This value is a string of subpath names, delimited by semicolons. The directory specified by the user for file import must contain one of the subpaths listed.

    For example, if the ImportFilePath parameter is set to SiebelContentShare;EngShare;\\orion;sales\content, users can import files from the following directories:




    However, you cannot import files from the following directories:



    NOTE:  The network path is interpreted relative to the server machine, not the client machine. Therefore, local paths like C:\ refer to directories on the server machine. And, for example, if the server machine is running UNIX, then the UNC path syntax \\orion\users\ is not valid; instead, it might be /net/orion/users/.

    If you use the default (out-of-the-box) contentbase.ini file, the administrator or individual users need to set up one or more shared directories named SiebelContentShare to contain those files (and those files that are referenced by the specified files) that they want to import as content assets.

    • Downloading.

      [Download As Attachment]



    When downloading some file types, Internet Explorer looks at the extension .swe and is not able to invoke the correct application even though the Content Type headers being passed to Internet Explorer are correct. Set the values of those MIME types here as true. The name/ext in the Internet Explorer pop-up will show up correctly.

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