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About Content Center

Content Center allows you to create and manage authored content, which includes items such as price lists, service solutions, and static Web site content, for Siebel Business Applications.

Content Center features include:

  • Preview and simulation. You can use a content staging environment to preview and test content before you publish it to your production environment. The staging environment displays content exactly as it will appear to customers, employees, and partners in your production environment. The staging environment runs on a separate database from the production environment.
  • Content projects. You can group a set of content items into one content project, so that related changes can be made together. For example, you can create a content project to manage the products, catalog categories, price lists, and marketing literature for your company's summer catalog.
  • Approval processes. You can use Siebel Business Process Designer to design approval processes that allow team members to review a content item before it is published. Siebel Business Process Designer allows you to assign tasks based on a predefined list of content contributors and approvers.
  • Publishing. After content is approved, Content Center uses Siebel Business Process Designer to publish it to a production environment. The XML-based publication business service can handle both complex database content and unstructured content that is stored in the file system. This component helps maintain transactional integrity between all the items in a content project.
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