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Scenario for Using Content Center

This scenario provides an example of a process flow performed by a content administrator (in this case, the business manager), a Web site designer, an application developer, and content contributors and approvers. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

The business manager and Web site designer have designed the company's Internet home page. The page includes a section which will display a single targeted Web offer to customers visiting the site. The contents of this section will require a managed contribution and approval process to produce accurate and timely display of product offers.

First the application developer makes an Offer business component that is content-enabled and defines the Web Offer content type. Then he works with the business manager to develop some personalization rules to target the Web offers, tests the home page, and deploys the home page to the production environment.

The business manager is concerned that the graphics contained in various Web offers may clash with the company logo, so she edits the single approval workflow for the Web Offer content type. She creates an additional approval step for the site designer position, and associates the appropriate contributor and approver positions to those steps in the approval workflow.

Next, she configures the publication workflow, setting the connect string for the server in the production environment.

She then sets up the content project, adding the content items that make up tasks required to create the Web offer. These will be routed to the Content Inboxes of the content contributors and approvers as set up in the approval workflow.

After the content items have been completed and approved, she publishes the project to the production environment.

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